• Mining Workareas

    Mining Workareas

    Faces • Pads • Chutes • Inclines • Haulages
  • Primary Crusher & Conveyor

    Primary Crusher & Conveyor

    Eliminate unplanned dump pocket & tunnel stoppages

  • Heavy Equipment & Washbays

    Heavy Equipment & Washbays

    Wash down equipment for pre-inspection on site

  • Tanks • Ponds • Cells

    Tanks • Ponds • Cells

    Portable Diesel or Electric units

  • Rotoborer™ Pipe Descale & Rebore

    Rotoborer™ Pipe Descale & Rebore

    The most powerful descalers on market

  • M-Vac Liquid Ring Vacuum

    M-Vac Liquid Ring Vacuum

    Bulk Ore & Waste removal
  • Placing You in Control

    Placing You in Control

    Onsite Operational & Mechanical training
  • Onsite Services

    Onsite Services

    Long & short term contracts
  • Onsite OEM Certification

    Onsite OEM Certification

    Tailored to your conditions


3 minute video showcasing the products that have made MME the unrivaled leader in mine & plant cleaning systems: